About Roy Partington Photography

Welcome to my Web Site.

Although shooting in Black & White is my first choice, you will find some colour images dotted throughout this Photo blog.

I won't bore you with all the pretentious crap about who I am and what motivates me to take photographs, or who/what inspires me. It varies from day to day. But what I will say is that I enjoy it - so I do it! :-)

The more technically minded would probably want to know what gear I use. Well the setup is pretty simple...

  • Canon EOS 350D (can't afford the 5D!)
  • EF 50mm /f1.4
  • Nikkor 24mm /f2.8 AiS (Nikkor/Canon adapt.)
  • The usual software!
    (I'll update the list when I can afford to buy more gear)

All images shot in colour and converted to B&W

Thanks for stopping by :-)



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